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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 In The World, The first class PTA Sciences Po reflects the success of the experiment total of 189 students were recruited in this way, including 57 in 2005. Between 50% and 70% students admitted through this are children of unemployed workers or employees, three-quarters stock. Two-thirds have at least one parent born outside France. One student remembers the beginnings and difficult reception from the other students. "They did not show us hostility as such. But students" against "explained to us that to pass the classic competition, they had to make a preparation or work their whole summer. Most were unaware that we, we had tests to pass. ". What good reporting is especially shows the change of perspective that have brought these "new" students in this very privileged background and working in isolation. "They are characterized by a broader social consciousness and finer, says one of the leaders of this device, When you have lived in a city, we know what it’s like RMI." "The 2007 budget continues the business of degradation of public education service. For tens of thousands of jobs lost in previous returns, will add nearly 8,700 jobs (about 15,000 job cuts officials) who fail to ensure quality public service. " This is what the Inter qu”a said the five federations of Education (Sgen-CFDT, FSU, FAEN, FERC-CGT, UNSA-Education). They will organize a strike in the first days of September. Faced with this threat, the Minister Gilles de Robien remained marble, and said: "All the time spent on figures like that, it is time wasted.". Good reading… ——————————————— – 20/06/06 Against Release of "bleeding" Teachers bristle 8500 posts will be deleted: unions announce strike for September. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 20/06/06 ———————————– Nothing seen … ——– Humanity of 19/06/06 (a day late) senators against the "hunt for the child" Friday, before the end of the discussion of the Sarkozy law, the Senate opened its doors to 24 families of undocumented migrants to the sponsor. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 20/06/06 (paying) conviction of State for missing teacher: the furious tHE SNES SNES is still furious after the sentencing state to pay 150 a student who had obtained 6 in philosophy to the ferry, because – he said – his teacher absences Read More Article ——————— ————————— the Cross of Nothing seen … 20/06/06 ———- ————————————– 20 minutes from 20/06/06 the teacher absenteeism He punished missed his ordeal … but will pocket 150 euros. The state will have to compensate Jerome Charasse who had been admitted directly at Sciences-Po due to a 6 on the tray 20 to the philosophy of testing in 2003. The nephew of former minister, high school senior economic High school in Clermont-Ferrand, had taken legal action on the grounds that many absences from his teacher, union representative who participated in long strikes of 2003, were the cause of his bad note tray. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Ouest France 20/06/06 the Internet: it’s beautiful, my "dot fr"! For now, only companies could make a name on the Internet. An open opportunity, starting today, to individuals. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 21/06/06 the first class PTA Sciences Po reflects the success of the experiment Thursday, June 16 Dressed to the nines one, the students of the Institute of Political Studies in Paris (IEP) will celebrate five years of study. […] Five years later, the pioneers have been emulated. A total of 189 students were recruited in this way, including 57 in 2005. […] Born in Bosnia, arrived in France at the age of 10 years without speaking a word of French, Iva was terminally ES (Economic and Social ) by Auguste-Blanqui school of Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) when she was selected. The first year was, like most of his comrades, particularly difficult: "We did not arrive with the same basic cultural capital than others, or the same references." Over time, they have filled that gap. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur Standing positions 20/06/06 Deletions: a strike in September of five inter-federations of Education will meet in September to decide on a strike date related to 8,500 job cuts. Read more of the article —————————————- Express daily 20/06/06 the Education promises results online free tank the minister demanded. On July 3, all academies should publish the notes for free. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection in dispatches from 20/06/06 Although noted for greater success: teachers prove it with a new system teachers are testing for two years in some institutions a new scoring system that raises the level of students, teaches them to work better and to regain their confidence as evidenced by the first resultats.Ce new system entitled "evaluation system by contract of confidence" (EPCC) was created two years ago by Andre Antibi, professor at the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse and researcher in education sciences. Read more of the article Absence of a philosophy teacher: the SNES refuses to be "defamed" a colleague SNES Clermont-Ferrand said Monday that "n ‘(agree) that is not defamed a colleague ", following the sentencing State by the administrative court to pay 150 euros to a student who had obtained 6 in philosophy to the ferry, because, according to him, the absence of his teacher. Read more of the article Deletions positions: Inter in September to decide day strike Five federations of Education (Sgen-CFDT, FSU, FAEN, FERC-CGT, UNSA-Education) said Tuesday that they would meet in Inter "week of the school year" to decide on a strike date, which "will be in late September," do we indicated SE-UNSA. Read more of the article Lang: children deported descendants of tribal art creators Former Culture Minister Jack Lang asked, in a letter to President Jacques Chirac, to make "a gesture" to prevent the deportation African children who are "descendants" of the creators of the first arts celebrated by the quai Branly museum. Read more of the article positions Deletions: seven unions slam the door two meetings in September unions of Education announced Monday in a joint statement, leaving two consultation meetings with the Ministry of Education on financial audits, to protest against the 8,700 job cuts announced last Tuesday. Read more of the article Medef launches campaign homework help websites for college students
to promote alternating training Medef launches starting Thursday a communication campaign to promote training in alternation, not very widespread in France, hoping to "promote meeting between business leaders and the young, "first hit by unemployment. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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